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The following FREE Downloadable Backing Tracks are associated with the Practical Guitar Improvisation Book available below (or in the Downloads section of this website) which is available to purchase at £3.00.

Practical Guitar Improvisation - The nuts & bolts


This book takes the fear out of tackling the theory required, both for those new to the idea and those who are already technically adept. - £3.00

Al Summers & Guy Rogers - 36 pages

Inappropriate Scale Choice  Audio track 1 demonstrates what happens when an inappropriate scale is used for a solo. The 'blues' scale, with its minor intervals, is not ideal for a rock ballad in a major key. Choosing a more suitable major scale, with notes that 'agree' with the chords used, produces a more satisfactory result. In a nutshell, choosing the best notes is what this book is about and what it helps you to do in all the common (and some less common) rock and blues keys and modes.  

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